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Mammal Effect: Furos: Part II.
   “Oh thank goodness, Commander. You’re alive!” Lizbeth said as Judy and her squad met up with her.
   “I just have one question for you... did you know the Gnu’s Hope was deliberately placed over an alien planet creature? Because that’s what we learned from the ExoGeni VI, you’re ExoGeni. So you’d probably have been kept in the loop. Because otherwise, you would have lied when you said you didn’t know anything... and I, absolutely HATE being lied to.” Judy said, with an insincere smile on her face.
   “...I tried to stop the experiments. But they threatened to throw me into the colony. I’ve been trying to get a message to Colonial Affairs since the geth arrived. Where to find the Thorian, but thanks to the power outage I couldn’t send it! I understand your upset Commander, but I NEVER wanted this to happen.” Lizbeth pleaded, Judy took a few deep calming breaths.
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Arachnid Droid by DarthSithari Arachnid Droid :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 7 0 New Republic Marines: Alpha Rex Squad. by DarthSithari New Republic Marines: Alpha Rex Squad. :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 4 3 Phoenix Legion Cargo Droids by DarthSithari Phoenix Legion Cargo Droids :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 5 0 Indominus vs. Supremecy by DarthSithari Indominus vs. Supremecy :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 3 4
Star Wars: The Awoken Chronicles: Uzhas
   On the dead world of Ziost, an Imperial shuttle landed on one of the Sith Academies landing pad. “Lord Vader.” Darth Coorva said, kneeling to the reborn Sith Lord.
   “I heard that you had acquired... someone of interest. Please Darth Coorva, show me this person.” Vader said.
   “Yes, we found it skulking in the academies mortuary, feasting on the corpses of fallen Apprentices.” Darth Coorva said as she and Vader walked away from the landing pad.
   “Where is this... creature now?” Vader asked.
   “It has been taken to a holding cell. Four apprentices were lost trying to capture it.” Darth Coorva said.
   “Really? And they had built there Light sabers yes?” Vader asked.
   “Of course sir, and that... thing somehow overpowered them.” Darth Coorva said.
   “Hmm... have you seen this creature for yourself?” Vader
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Zootopia Files: Prologue to War
   Amidst the skylines of Zootopia, a lone figure looked out above the skyscrapers. This was Spider-Ham, known to a small handful by his real name Peter Porker. This pig is looking out for crimes to stop. Then his smartphone rang. “Oh, please don’t let it be Aunt May.” Peter said as he checked the caller ID. It was in fact Mayor Edward Swift-Hoof. “Oh good... I don’t have to lie about what I’m doing, to her.” Peter said as he answered the phone.
   “Peter, we have a situation.” Edward said.
   “What kind of situation?” Peter said.
   “You remember how Jessica put one of your Spider-Tracers on Saxton Hale in order so that you could keep track of his movements?” Edward asked.
   “...yes... I may have a lot on my plate. Juggling my home, school and superhero life, having to deal with vindictive mammals, Jameson and the Daily Badgers smear campaign, and stil
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Fy'nyx Sisters by DarthSithari Fy'nyx Sisters :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 4 0 Squire Walker by DarthSithari Squire Walker :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 5 0 Phoenix Legion Avenger by DarthSithari Phoenix Legion Avenger :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 3 0 Crusader Walker by DarthSithari Crusader Walker :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 4 0 Phoenix Legion Corvette by DarthSithari Phoenix Legion Corvette :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 3 0 Bat Droid by DarthSithari Bat Droid :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 5 0 Phoenix Aqua Droid by DarthSithari Phoenix Aqua Droid :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 4 0
Ban-Laoch: Part 6
   About a year had passed since Ban-Laoch. The Djinn Daughter Champion of the Elven village Tuatha Meadu had faced and defeated the Dwarven raider Bledis. Since then, her father, Tall-Ainne, who had been cursed into a magical sleep since the Longship War of two-decades past, and had been recovering from his long sleep thanks to his adopted robotic daughter Iarann.
   During that crisis, Ban-Laoch had gathered relics to enhance her armor, sword, and her abilities. As well as gifted by the Four, the demigod children of the Elf-Father, with elemental powers to face against the wilderness of Elfenheim, and against the forces of Bledis.
   One night, Ban-Laoch was asleep, dreaming. Or rather trying to sleeping, as since the Longship War she had been plagued by nightmares of the war. “Oh... a year of that stupid Raider dead, and I still can’t get a good night’s sleep.” Ban-Laoch said to herself.
   “Ban-Loach... come a
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Penguin Pals: A New Dawn: Part 1
In a time of legends, two brothers ruled the world.
These were the brothers, Adour, Lord of the Day, and Ilta, Lord of the Night. Sons of the Phoenix King, they were appointed to watch over the world. And above all, they were to protect the mortal races. Chief among them were the Penguins, tall birds that could survive in the harsh, unforgiving winters to the far south. Under the guidance of these flightless birds, and the brothers, the world flourished as the Penguins unlocked the deep mysteries of magic.
But this Golden Age… was not to last.
For Ilta grew jealous of his brother’s apparent dominion over the world, as the Penguins and most of the other races honored him above Ilta. Being awake during the day, and most asleep during the night. In his anger and resentment, he attracted demons from beyond that he enthralled to his will.
And by his hand, the War of Darkness began… and Adour lost.
For although Adour fought with the val
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Do you ever run into those people who just can't take fun things? Especially the ones who can't take non-canon tomfoolery as just that?... no sense of fun.


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   “Oh thank goodness, Commander. You’re alive!” Lizbeth said as Judy and her squad met up with her.

   “I just have one question for you... did you know the Gnu’s Hope was deliberately placed over an alien planet creature? Because that’s what we learned from the ExoGeni VI, you’re ExoGeni. So you’d probably have been kept in the loop. Because otherwise, you would have lied when you said you didn’t know anything... and I, absolutely HATE being lied to.” Judy said, with an insincere smile on her face.

   “...I tried to stop the experiments. But they threatened to throw me into the colony. I’ve been trying to get a message to Colonial Affairs since the geth arrived. Where to find the Thorian, but thanks to the power outage I couldn’t send it! I understand your upset Commander, but I NEVER wanted this to happen.” Lizbeth pleaded, Judy took a few deep calming breaths.

   “You did what you could in a bad situation, just help me find the Thorian and I’ll help you however I can.” Judy said.

   “It’s underneath Gnu’s Hope, but the entrance to the Thorian itself has been blocked off. The colonists parked a freighter over the entrance shortly before the geth attacked.” Lizbeth explained.

   “Smart thinking, but this must be asked. Why are the geth after the Thorian in the first place?” Judy asked.

   “Well the Thorian does have spores that can control an infected host.” Lizbeth blurted out.

   “Excuse us?” Tali asked taken aback.

   “Yes, that’s the whole reason ExoGeni is even interested in it.” Lizbeth said.

   “Figures, an interstellar corporation is interested in something with mind control capabilities. Oh, and hi Judy. Joker let me know that coms were reestablished.” Davies said.

   “Davies, are you okay back on the Normandy?” Judy asked.

   “Yep, there trying but I’m not seeing the colonist’s brute forcing their way in. At any rate, there is a lot of geth chatter in your area. Most likely there not happy, and want to have a word with you... most likely that world will be ‘ratatata’... or whatever noise those guns make.” Davies explained.

   “Understood, let’s get back to the Mako.” Judy said.

   “Let me come with you! I’m not a fighter, but I want to help fix the mess I’ve made.” Lizbeth said.


   Eventually Judy and her squad arrived at the location of the ExoGeni survivors, after having waded through geth forces a second time in the Mako. Down in the bunker, Lizbeth’s mother was being accosted by an ExoGeni guard.

   “Let go of my mother!” Lizbeth said as she ran towards her mother.

   “Lizbeth! Thank God you’re alive!” Juliana said in relief as she to her daughter.

   “Oh for the love of- come out! I know you’re here!” Jeong said in aggravation.

   “Jeong, you have one minute. Just one, to explain what’s going on here.” Judy said in annoyance.

   “N-Now, now. I’ve red your record in the database. Granted, most of your feats MUST be exaggerations. I mean a little bunny holding off-”

   “EVERYTHING, was true, and happened. Now stop avoiding my questions, and tell me what’s going on here.” Judy said in frustration.

   “Alright... ExoGeni wants this entire place purged.” Ethan admitted.

   “WHAT?! This is a mammal colony! You can’t just kill everybody!” Lizbeth said in protest.

   “Corporate isn’t interested in the colonists... there’s something far more valuable here!” Jeong said.

   “Species 37, AKA the Thorian, the one thing your company is even interested in... wouldn’t surprise me if they about it even BEFORE Furos was colonized.” Judy said with contempt.

   “Beg pardon?” Juliana asked.

   “It’s... a telepathic creature that lives under Gnu’s Hope. It’s been taking control of the colonists, and ExoGeni knew all along about the thing.” Lizbeth explained.

   “I swear, every minute I find a new reason to knock out your teeth.” Juliana said in irritation.

   “So what? No one’s going to miss a few colonists.” Ethan said... and then something in Judy snapped.

   “Make that about TWO reasons a minute.” Juliana said in exasperation.

   “I have a better idea.” Judy said as she drew her pistol. “You shut your bamboo chopping muzzle. While the NOT-SOCIOPATHS! Actually try to figure out how to fix this horse pie we’ve all stepped in! No offence Brayham, either of you.” Judy said, glancing at the Brayhams.

   “Non taken, Lizbeth. You got any ideas?” Juliana said.

   “I have something that could be worked with. I have this nerve gas that affects ONLY Thorian spores. The worst it should do is paralyze anyone infected by the Thorian. Unfortunately, there’s at least enough to ONLY cure the colonists.” Lizbeth explained.

   “Those could work in grenades.” Ashley pointed out.

   “Then let’s get going. My squad and I have a colony to save.” Judy said as Lizbeth gave her the nerve gas.


   Eventually, Judy and her squad pacified the enthralled colonists. They were however, exhausted from having to not only avoid killing the colonists. But from the literal hordes of horrifying Husk like creatures that were blocking their way into the colony itself.

   “Judy, your vitals are going nuts. Are you okay?” Davies asked over the com channel.

   “Yeah... yeah we’re alright. Just had to wade through some geth, some kind of spore zombies, and... and colonists that’ve been infected by the Thorian. And we’re... we’re catching our breaths before we get to the Thorian itself.” Judy said panting.

   “Keelah... I have just one question at this point... why are the geth even interested in this thing?” Tali asked.

   “No idea... probably doesn’t even matter at this point. Just... just gotta see if this thing is worth all the hype.” Ashley said.


   “What... is that?!” Judy said as she and her squad looked upon the Thorian itself. It was an enormous plant like abomination.

   “If I was a betting wolf, I’d say THAT is the Thorian.” Ashley said, then without warning. A green skinned asari wearing a skin tight suit fell out of the Thorian. “Though I wouldn’t have called that THAT would happen, however!” Ashley said in surprise.

   “Invaders! Your every step is a transgression. A thousand feelers appraise you as meat, good only to dig or decompose. I speak for the Old Growth, as I did for Saren. You are within and before the Thorian. It commands that you be in awe!” The green-skinned asari said.

   “Okay... you gave something to Saren, and I would very much like to have it.” Judy said, confused as to what was going on.

   “Saren sought knowledge of those who are long gone. The Old Growth listened to flesh for the first time in the Long Cycle. Trades were made. Then cold ones began killing the flesh that would tend the next cycle. Flesh fairly given! The Old Growth sees the air you push as lies! It will listen no more!” The green-skinned asari said.

   “This is ridiculous. I eat plans not talk to them! Just tell me what you gave Saren, and release the colonists from your control. And we’ll be out of your roots before you know it.” Judy said, trying not to lose her temper.

   “The Thorian is a piece of this world, extending across this land and back through the ages. You can no more kill it then cut the sky. Your blood will feed the ground and the new growth!” The asari said as she drew her gun and opened fire.

   “Well, diplomacy is out of the question. Get to cover!” Judy ordered.


   Eventually, Judy and her squad had destroyed  the Thorians neural nodes, causing it to fall and die. “Well... the one solid lead on the beacon vision, and Saren. And it’s dead.” Judy said in disappointment. Then an asari, not another of the Thorians thralls, but a purple skinned asari emerged from a pod on the wall.

   “Praise be to Athame! I thought I would never be free. Did... did you kill the Thorian?” The asari asked.

   “Yep. No I have two questions. Who are you, and why are you even here?” Judy asked.

   “My name is Shiala. I am- or rather I was a servant of Matriach Benezia, and through her a servant of Saren. Benezia foresaw Saren’s influence would have. She went to him to try to stymie his more violent desires. Appeal to the... what do you mammals call them again? Regardless, Benezia fell under his influence. As did we.” Shiala explained.

   “Really? And what did Saren promise Benezia, and her retinue by extension to betray the Council?” Judy asked.

   “It’s not quite that simple. Benezia underestimated Saren, as did we. We came to believe in Saren and his mission. The strength of his will is more than worrisome.” Shiala explained.

   “Leave it to an asari to screw up like this.” Ashley muttered to herself.

   “But that doesn’t make sense. Asari Matriarchs are some of the most intelligent and powerful beings in the galaxy. How could one fall under the command of a rogue turian?” Judy asked, ignoring Ashley’s aside.

   “Saren has a vessel... an ancient one. An enormous one the likes of which I’ve never even seen before. Saren has dubbed it Sovereign, though I imagine that in ancient times it went by a different name. I’m certain how it does it, but it can dominate the minds of Sarens followers. While even near Sovereign, it indoctrinates one to Sarens will. It’s a subtle thing... days, weeks, regardless of how long it takes. His will becomes absolute. When we came to Furos I willingly obeyed Saren when he commanded that I be sacrificed to the Thorian. He needed an asari to properly communicate with the Thorian. In exchange Saren received an alliance with it.” Shiala explained.

   “Ah... no wait, that doesn’t explain why the geth were trying to destroy it.” Judy said.

   “After Saren got what he sought, he saw the Thorian as a liability. Saren already knows that you are after the Conduit, and that you’re tracing his footsteps. He saught to kill the Thorian so that you would not attain the Cipher.” Shiala explained.

   “And the Cipher is...?” Judy asked.

   “The beacon on Eden Prime gave you both visions. But the visions are unclear to you, at best just a random assortment of gruesome and violent imagery. The beacon was meant to be used properly by a Prothean mind. To put it simply, you must understand the history, culture and very existence. The Thorian was around long before the Protheans even came to this world, it watched and studied them. Then when they were gone, it consumed him and they in turn became a part of him.” Shiala explained.

   “And the Thorian taught Saren Prothean, how exactly? Because I’m pretty sure whatever langue they spoke is literally a dead tongue.” Just asked.

   “The Cipher is the very essence of a Prothean. It’s... it’s not an easy thing to explain. Like trying to describe sound to a creature that cannot hear, or color to the blind, my point is that the Cipher is the endemic memory of the Protheans spaning hundreds, if not thousands of generations of the species.” Shiala explained.

   “So it’s obvious then. Teach me Prothean, if nothing else I can at least try to make the visions coherent if not understandable.” Judy said.

   “Very well, now relax.” Shiala said as she knelt down to Judy. “Slow, deep breaths.  Let go of your physical shell. Reach out to grasp at the threats that bind us, one to another. Every action sends ripples across the galaxy. Every idea must touch another mind to live. Each emotion must mark another’s spirit. We are all connected. Every living being united in a single, glorious existence. Open yourself to the universe, Commander. Embrace eternity!” Shiala said as her eyes turned black.

   And in the vison, Judy’s vision was clear... or at least less muddy on Eden Prime. Planets brought to ruin, beings torn apparat by the apocalypse that brought the cycle crashing down. Terrible atrocities committed, as words burned across the galaxy. And at the end... the ship that was seen at Eden Prime approached her.

   At the visions end, Shiala and Judy were silent. “There, that is the same I gave Saren, the Cipher. The ancestral memories of the Prothean race. Your as much a part of them as they were.” Shiala said.

   “Judy, are you alright?” Tali asked.

   “Well the vision still makes absolute know sense. But thankfully my brains aren’t scrambled... so really all we have to show are some unconscious colonists. So that’s a win at least.” Judy said.

   “Regardless, you will need time to truly understand the gift that has been given to you.” Shiala said.

   “Perhaps... but now what are we going to do with you?” Judy asked.

   “I’m... I’m not certain. I’ve served the Matriarchs will since I was a girl. And I’m not certain what to do next. If you would have-”

   “We already have an asari aboard the Normandy. And the Council is already unease about Beneziahs daughter.” Judy said.

   “Oh... then I shall stay here. So that I might help the colonists recover the damages the Thorian and the geth inflicted.” Shiala said.

   “That’s a good thought. Now let’s get a move on... I have a Council to endure.” Judy said.

   “Don’t you mean report?” Shiala asked.

   “Trust me; the only difference worth noting is in the spelling.” Judy said.


   “Commander Hopps? Are you alright? You don’t look well.” Liara said as Judy and the other Squad members sat in the briefing room.

   “That depends, is having something like the Cipher dumped into your head normal? Because I seriously doubt that having the knowledge of the Protheans uploaded into you head is something even your people have found medication for.” Judy said.

   “What?! How did-”

   “Well apparently Blue, Saren traded one of your moms servants to the Thorian to understand the visions in the beacon. Then tried to cut the thing loose via geth. That summarize things Carrots?” Nick interrupted.

   “Basically, and used spores to enthrall the colonists. And apparently turned enough of them into an effective zombie army... good news is that the colony is still getting support from ExoGeni despite it being dead. Don’t ask... had to twist an arm or two to secure that.” Judy said.

   “Oh... well regarding the Cypher, I might be able to help. I am an expert on the Protheans, so if I were to join my consciousness to yours. I might be able to make sense of it.” Liara explained.

   “Fair enough, let’s get this over with, and see if I can actually make sense of the visions.” Judy said as she stood up and the two women approached each other.

   “Relax Commander, and embrace eternity.” Liara said as once again, the beacon visions. “By Thessia that was... never in my years have I experienced anything like that. Nothing so vivid and... and so intense. Your will is remarkable, a lesser mind would have broken into an insane mess.” Liara said in exhaustion.

   “Really? Do you see anything new Hopps? Or was it just more of the same. I have a bet with Joker that says it’s the same.” Nick said.

   “It’s not that simple. The vision is incomplete; the beacon must have been damaged. And downloaded its data into the Commanders-”

   “Liara, you’re among friends, you don’t have to refer to me by rank.” Judy said cutting off Liara.

   “...into the Commanders mind. In turn it’s incomplete because of that damage.” Liara asked.

   “Please tell me you found something new we can work with?” Judy asked.

   “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing new for us to work with.” Liara said.

   “Well... next stop Novharia it seems. Liara, go back to Chawkways for a checkup. Everyone else, dismissed.” Judy said.

   “And the report to the Council?” Joker asked.

   “Send it to Bogo and Admiral Hacket. As far as the Council is going to know is that I found a clue. And nothing beyond that, if only so that I don’t end up like Lionheart and down a bottle of aspirin every time I speak to them.” Judy said as everyone left the communications room.

   “Fair enough, sending reports, and stipulating that there not to tell the Council anything. No more buffalo messenger like last time.” Joker said.


   Later on, Nick was alone in the ships canteen, with a sundae glass with blue ice cream in it. “Carrots, heard that what happened down there... and you look sad.” Nick said, noticing Judy entering with her ears drooping. She sat down next to him.

   “Yeah... it’s something that happened as we were liberating Gnu’s Hope. Fai Dan, the red panda leading the colony... he was under the Thorians control. But... but rather then open fire on us he... he... turned his gun on himself.” Judy said, chocking at the memory.

   “Oh... OH. Wow, that’s... that’s pretty dark.” Nick said.

   “I didn’t even try to save him... I don’t know why. Not throw a grenade with the anti-Thorian poison, not try to shoot his gun out of his paw and knock him out. I... I couldn’t save him.” Judy said, sniffling.

   “I know Judy, I’m sure he was a good man. These things happen sometimes... you can’t save everybody. Not even you. But your short comings should never stop you from being a hero. Now come on, I got blue berry ice cream, and apparently I’m not as hungry as I thought I was. That good with you?” Nick asked as he offered her a spoon.

   “Yeah... yeah I could go for some ice cream. Thanks’ Nick.” Judy said as she took the spoon, and the two mammals ate there dessert.

Mammal Effect: Furos: Part II.
Judy and her squad wrap up their adventure on Furos, and begin there next step in finding Saren.
Do you ever run into those people who just can't take fun things? Especially the ones who can't take non-canon tomfoolery as just that?... no sense of fun.
Arachnid Droid
The AT-SD-31, or simply known as the Arachnid Droid. Was a model of droid commissioned by General Leia Organa. As part of the secret Dragons Teeth Initiative. Officially, it was created as a security unit to protect corporate interests in New Republic space. Unofficially however, it was meant to be a battle droid to supplement the New Republic forces. A legal trick used by the Galactic Empire with the KX-series security droid.

It was capable of 360 degree rotations, two blaster cannons on it's arms, and a powerful blaster turret on top of it's head. Along with eight long legs that grant the droid supreme maneuverability. It's programming was also surprisingly advanced, allowing it decent problem solving skills, and reasonably strategic thinking.

Made in Lego Digital Designer.
New Republic Marines: Alpha Rex Squad.
Trained in secret on Mandalore since the end of the Galactic Civil War by the Mandalorians. Children, either orphans found on the streets of a thousand worlds or willingly allowed by there parents to attend the Canderous Military Acadamy.

Presented is the elite Alpha Rex Squad.

Human: Val'haaga Star-Eye, he is the squad rifleman, armed with a blaster rifle and thermal detonator. His parents were Republic patriots and supporters of the Resistance's efforts against the First Order.

Gungan: Bloon-Bloon Cibblus, she is the squad sniper, armed with a powerful sniper rifle. Orphaned by the Imperials during Operation: Cinder.

Twi'lek: Zih'dabig, she is trained in the use of an electro staff, stealth and a blaster pistol. Freed from slavers by the Resistance, and sent by Leia Organa herself to Mandalor.

Kel Dor: Sam Dago, he is the squad demolitions expert, armed with a dual cannon mini-gun. His parents were Baran Do Sages who gave their son freely, in the hope that if he couldn't balance the Force. That he could at least tip the scales.

Zabrack: Xastas, he is the squad leader, equipped with a blaster rifle, jetpack, and a recon droid. He was the son of a nobility on the Zabrack homeworld of Iridonia, he left in spite of there objections.

Together, these young men and women were trained to fight against the First Order and what little remains of the Empire. And specialized in the high risk, high reward missions of the Clone Commandos of the Clone Wars.

Made in Lego Digital Designer... also I meant to make a shuttlecraft for them to use, and a pilot. But I couldn't figure out how to make it properly, that and I found out that there have never been Lurmans in Lego form... so naturally there weren't Lurman headpieces in LDD. 
Phoenix Legion Cargo Droids
The Svartal and Jottun-class Droids were designed by the Phoenix Legion to handle cargo, from simple boxes to large equipment and weapons. At a moments notice they can engage in combat against enemies if the need arises.

Made in Lego Digital Designer.
562 deviations
Indominus vs. Supremecy
The New Republic, Indominus Mega-Star Defender, and it's sister ship the Invictus facing against the Supremacy on Mon Calamari.

And yes ladies and gentlemen... Admiral Gial Ackbar himself is captaining the Indominus.


And to anyone who thinks it's absurd that the New Republic would have not one but at least two warships likes this... listen if the First Order can be as OP as it is, the good guys are free to try the same thing in my books.

Also to clarify some details, the blue bits are hangers, while the orange bits are control towers, and the darker bit of blue on top is the bridge. Also, also. The Indominus is the one with the black bits, and the Invictus the white.

Also, also, also. Here's the video I used as a reference for the Supremecy:…

Made with Lego Digital Designer.
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This is a Public Service Announcement:

Always, ALWAYS keep a source of fresh air when you're alone with a dog.

An open window, or an open door with a screen... as in the door itself is open but the screen door isn't. If only so that you don't get hazy from the general smell.

This has been, a Public Service Announcement:

   On the dead world of Ziost, an Imperial shuttle landed on one of the Sith Academies landing pad. “Lord Vader.” Darth Coorva said, kneeling to the reborn Sith Lord.

   “I heard that you had acquired... someone of interest. Please Darth Coorva, show me this person.” Vader said.

   “Yes, we found it skulking in the academies mortuary, feasting on the corpses of fallen Apprentices.” Darth Coorva said as she and Vader walked away from the landing pad.

   “Where is this... creature now?” Vader asked.

   “It has been taken to a holding cell. Four apprentices were lost trying to capture it.” Darth Coorva said.

   “Really? And they had built there Light sabers yes?” Vader asked.

   “Of course sir, and that... thing somehow overpowered them.” Darth Coorva said.

   “Hmm... have you seen this creature for yourself?” Vader asked.

   “A caught a glimpse... but it’s anger. I haven’t felt anger like that since my youth during the wars against the Sith Emperor Valkorian.” Darth Coorva explained.

   “Really? Then I’ll be more than happy to meet this creature.” Vader said. Eventually they arrived at the holding cell where the intruder was being held. “Hmm... anger... fear... what manner of creature are you?” Vader said as he approached the cell, and out of it lunged a clawed hand.

   “FOOD! FOOD FOR UZHAS! FOOD FOR UZHAS!” The creature shouted, Vader grabbed the hand, and took a better look at the cages occupant. It had large ears, large eyes, three toes and fingers with claws on them, and had green skin.

   “Well... this is interesting. This alien is one of Yoda’s species... I was under the impression that your kind were extinct. Or at the very least, were in hiding on some forgotten or unknown back water planet. Now... what has brought you to Ziost?” Vader asked.


   “Okay, can we please stop shouting? Now let me look for myself who you are.” Vader said as he used the Force to explore through Uzhas’s mind. “Hmm... you were angry at your tribe. So you killed them and ate there remains, then off-worlders arrived, you boarded there ship and... okay this is just repetitive. Young one, this is no way for any sentient being to live as.” Vader said in disgust. “Do you not have greater ambitions beyond just jumping from starship to starship, killing off and eating its inhabitants. Do you even remember... ah... it’s deep down there. But you wished to see the galaxy, and your tribe wouldn’t allow it.” Vader said.

   “OUT! OUT OF UZHAS’S HEAD YOU GET!” Uzhas shouted in pain.

   “Not until I’m done... AH... I see. Uzhas... do you really wish to be a man-eater for the rest of your long, long days, or would you not be privy to power... power that WE can give you, that I can give you.” Vader said.


   Uzhas was let free, and made a Sith Acolyte. He quickly made his way up the ranks of the reborn Sith Order, mastering the Force, and killing off potential rivals with lingering cruelty. It was not too long before he made his own light saber.

   “You have done well Uzhas... now there is but one final test you must complete. Before you may become a true Lord of the Sith.” A hologram of Vader said.

   “What is thy bidding, my Emperor?” Uzhas said, kneeling to the hologram.

   “A ship is under attack by the Resistance. Not just any ship mind you... this ship, the Arc Hammer. Is the main production and research facility for the Dark Trooper Project, and they are to be the next generation of the Imperial Storm Trooper Corps.” Vader said as a hologram was shown of a Mega-class Star Dreadnaught.

   “And why would I be needed, surely a ship of that magnitude. Could handle the Resistance by itself, it could?” Uzhas asked.

   “It would be... but the Resistance has disabled its engines, and its weapons. It’s effectively dead in space, free for the Resistance to pick clean like mynocks. You are to go alone, and drive off the Resistance, and protect the data on the Dark Trooper Project. Now go, a shuttle awaits to take you there. The Arc Hammers commander, General Rom Mohc has already been informed of this.” Vader said as the hologram disappeared.


   Eventually, Uzhas and his shuttle arrived at the Arc Hammer, in one of the hangers that had not been over taken by the Resistance. “You, alien, where are the reinforcements the Emperor promised?” A Storm Trooper asked curtly.

   “The reinforcements, I am. Furthermore,” Uzhas then used Force lightning on the trooper. “Address me as Lord, you will. Or kill you myself I will!” Uzhas said with contempt. “Now, to the bridge take me. No delay there can be!”


   “You seem troubled Coorva, what seems to be the matter?” Vader asked.

   “Why was only one Sith sent on this mission regarding the Arc Hammer. I understand that the work Rom Mohc is working on is important, and that we need a droid army to contend with the one the New Republic has acquired in the Phoenix Legion. What I do NOT understand, is why you only sent ONE Sith to aid the Arc Hammer. Rather than send in a proper team of Sith? Surely they would have better odds of taking back such a large ship from the Resistance.” Darth Coorva explained over a holographic communicator.

   “True enough... but that is the point. I wish to prove to the galaxy, beyond a shadow of a doubt. That the Sith, have returned. And of the power that even a mad man with the training of a Sith can accomplish. Not just the Rule of Two that restricted the Order to just myself and Palpatine, and anyone else that had strength with the Force was brainwashed into an Inquisitor. The Sith will rule this galaxy once more... and I will finished what I started all those long decades ago.” Vader said with pride.

   “Speaking of Uzhas... why even contemplate HIM of all people?” Coorva asked.

   “Should worse come to worse... I plan on him being the inheritor of the Sith. So that the Order of the Sith Lords. Might someday arise once more from the ashes, and might finally finished the Order’s long ambition, of ruling this galaxy with an iron fist.” Vader explained.


   Uzhas arrived on the bridge of the Arc Hammer. “You must be the Sith Emperor Vader promised... not certain what his intent is with sending you specifically. But at this point, I’ll take what I can get.” General Rom Mohc said, looking exhausted.

   “Hmm... how has been compromised, of the Arc Hammer?” Uzhas asked.

   “As I’m certain the Emperor himself told you, our weapons and engines have been sabotaged. What’s more, the Resistance has captured the majority of the ships hangers. And have been pressing into the Dark Trooper production facilities. Thankfully, some of the Dark Trooper prototypes have helped to stymie this disease that has infected MY ship.” General Rom Mohc said, as he displayed security holograms of Dark Trooper droids fighting against Resistance forces.

   “Impressive... but insignificant next to the Force they are. Find the best of your men, lead them against the Resistance I shall.” Uzhas commanded.

   “That will not be necessary I believe, for you see. Part of the Dark Trooper Project... includes this war machine.” Rom Mohc said as he entered a large suit of armor. “The Phase III Dark Trooper... the next generation of the Storm Troopers, this suit can make any man a warrior beyond peer, with the creativity of an organic mind, mixed with the endurance and the firepower of a heavily armed droid.” Rom Mohc said as he entered his suit. “My point is, I wish to join you to drive these scum from my ship.” He said as the helmet lowered.

   “Hmm... still bring Storm Troopers. I think you should.” Uzhas said.


   “Alright people, this is another ship compartment taken. Now how much further until we get to the reactor?” The Resistance Commander said as she shot a prone Storm Trooper in the face. Her astromech droid beeped in response. “So we still got a ways to go. Well we got reinforcements inbound, and these bucket-heads aren’t a match for us. You, Beebem, go and scout on ahead.” The Commander said to an Ewok. Beebem ran through a door way... only for the sound of a light saber igniting, and the pained scream of Beebem ran back to the Commander, sans one hand. “What the-, Beebem what happened?!” The Commander said in surprise.

   Then from that same door way emerged Uzhas, holding the severed Ewoks hand, shaving it before he put the hand into his mouth and chewed. “Hmm... not much meat, but not bad it is.” Uzhas commented.

   “Who... WHAT are you?!” The Commander said as she and her squad drew there blasters on Uzhas.

   “Hmm... your doom, I am. But worry, you should not... alone, I did not come.” Uzhas said as General Rom Mohc in his Phase III armor, and a squad of Storm Troopers arrived as Uzhas charged at the Resistance forces with his light saber drawn.

   “REMEMBER ALDERAAN!” The Commander shouted as she and her squad opened fire on the Imperial’s. But in spite of their superior numbers and fire power, they were no match for Uzhas, or the firepower of Rom’s Phase II armor.

   The Resistance was forced back as the Imperials reclaimed one of the Arc Hammers factory sections. “Hmm... reactivated, could this section be?” Uzhas asked.

   “From the looks of it, the damage is largely superficial. Yes, I believe that we could reactivate this factory. It would aid in driving the Resistance off of my ship, and proving the worth of the Dark Trooper Project to doubters within the military.” Rom said as he exited his armor.

   “Then get these assembly lines working at once, we shall.” Uzhas said, with an enthusiastic glee in his eyes.


   Little by little, the Resistance was pushed back into the captured hangers of the Arc Hammer. Forced back by swarms of skeletal Phase I Troopers, the hardy Phase II Troopers, and seemingly invincible Phase III Troopers, the sheer unexpected Imperial counter attack caught the Resistance off-guard, and unprepared. In one of these hangers, the Resistance Commander that had been leading the assault and her astromech droid had been pushed back to the hanger where the attack had started in the first place.

   “Nowhere to run there is, for you. Nowhere to hide, there is.” Uzhas said mockingly as the Commander shot wildly with her blaster pistol, as well as her droid using its head mounted blaster. As Imperial forces surrounded the two, with Uzhas and General Rom Mohc at the head. “But let you live, I will. So that speak of me to the Resistance you might.” He said.

   “I’m not taking any deals from you! Not after you killed so many of my men!” The Commander said defiantly.

   “Hmm... to be fair, only one is needed to deliver a message.” Uzhas said, and he swung his lightsaber, cutting off the Commanders lower jaw. “Hurry you should, little droid. Before die from her injuries, she does.” Uzhas said mockingly to the Resistance astromech as he struggled to help his master onto the shuttle.

   “Is this wise? Letting one of these scum walk away from-”

   “At most, it will be an injured Human, and an astromech droid. So that the galaxy might know... returned, the Sith have. For that is the will, of Darth Vader it is.” Uzhas said as the shuttle took off.


   “And you took her jaw? I’ll be honest; I’m earnestly impressed by your sadism.” Vader said as Uzhas talked with him from a com terminal on the Arc Hammers, bridge.

   “Yes... yes, now safe the Arc Hammer is. The Resistance, scared off they have been. But the Arc Hammer, in no condition to move on its own it is.” Uzhas explained.

   “I see, General Rom Mohc I’ll need a detailed list on any specific parts that have been destroyed, and need to be replaced so that you can leave your current location. Then after that, I want the Arc Hammer to be stationed over Bastion. Until we can properly mass produce the Dark Troopers, I don’t want the project put in jeopardy like this again.” Vader said to Rom Mohc.

   “Understood sire, the Arc Hammer will report to Bastion as soon as repairs on the Arc Hammer’s propulsion systems can be completed. Thankfully, enough Dark Troopers have been made that they could serve as substitutes for the men lost to the Resistance.” Rom Mohc said.

   “Good, Uzhas I want you to return to Ziost immediately.” Vader said.


   Back on the Home One, Poe Dameron stood over the wounded Commander as she rested. Her missing lower jaw was replaced by a prosthetic jaw. “Tii’las... what happened on the Arc Hammer?” Poe asked.

   “There... there was this alien. A small thing, at least the size of an astromech, and... and he had a light saber... a red one. He said he was a Sith.” Tii’las said, her voice tinged with a mechanical noise from her new jaw.

   “And he drove you off of the ship?” Poe asked.

   “Not... not entirely. He had help, from Rom Mohc... literally. He was in this... GIANT suit, I don’t even think my blaster scratched its armor. Then... then the mission just went south, Storm Troopers, Dark Troopers... and that little monster, all the while cackling as he ate parts of my men. They all drove us back into the hangers, as far as I know... me and R12 were the only survivors.” Tii’las said.

   “I see... what’s this about eating parts of your men?” Poe asked.

   “I mean, he took parts, a hand here, and a foot there. He... he even stopped in the middle of firefights to EAT bodies where they fell!” Tii’las said in disgust.

   “And this alien... what did he look like? What was his species?” Poe asked.

   “I’m not entirely sure... a Lannik maybe? But his skin was green and... It’s just a guess on my part. R12 would have an image on him.” Tii’las said.

   “I see... Doc?” Poe asked, looking at the aging medical droid.

   “Yes, General. I did a blood test, and it came up about the same as Katarn’s and the Patrot sisters.” Doc said in bemusement.

   “So I’m going to take ‘shore leave’ on C’hol Palentine... after a day like this, I could use it anyway.” Tii’las said.


   Uzhas arrived back on Ziost... and was greeted by Darth Vader himself. “To what honor, do I owe you?” Uzhas asked.

   “I just came to congratulate you. Not only for the success of your first mission... but for proving yourself worthy of becoming my apprentice.” Darth Vader said.

   “Hmm... unexpected this is.” Uzhas said in surprise.

   “True, when I first met you, you were just a crazed animal with a hunger for sentient meat. But under the training you received on Ziost. You have become cunning, and smarter than when you arrived here. And I believe that, under my direct tutelage, you may very well become the greatest Sith since the ancient wars of old.” Vader said.

   “Honored, I am... not be referred to as ‘prince’ can I?” Uzhas asked.

   “Of course not, that would just be silly. Now come, Uzhas... I wish to show you around Bastion.” Vader said as he entered his shuttle, with the small green alien following after him. “By the way... what exactly is your species called? I knew at least one of your kind before I was named by Sidious. But I never actually got a proper name for your species.” Vader said as the shuttle left the planet.

   “Well... not a simple story, that is to tell. Suffice it to say, long ago. My people removed there name from the memories of their enemies, in turn... made it so that the true name of my people to outsiders, spoken it cannot be.” Uzhas explained.

   “That seems... convenient.” Vader noted.

   “But for the sake of speaking to Outsiders from time to time, the Green Ones we call ourselves.” Uzhas explained.

   “That’s... very uncreative. I mean Green Ones?... and are you implying that the Ancient Wars actually happened, and aren’t just myth and legend?” Vader asked.

   “Confirm nor deny I can, if it happened. All from my youth, I know of, from stories of my youth, of our war against the I’zheer I do.”  Uzhas explained.



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